Chief of Defense Staff-India

In a major announcement, PM Narendra Modi said India will have a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to head the tri-services.

What is Chief of Defense Staff ?

  • The Chief of Defense Staff would be head of all the three services i.e Army,Navy, Air Force.
  • The CDS would be a 5 Star officer.
  • The move is said to be a much needed big reform which would play in fostering inter-services jointness in terms of budgeting, equipment purchases, training, joint doctrines and planning of military operations-an imperative of modern warfare.
  Why is it Required ?
  • Kargil Review Committee headed by the-then deputy prime minister LK Advani examined the gaps in the country's defence system. The Group of Ministers had then called for the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff as a single-point military adviser to the defence minister.
  • Post then many committee's were established with no actual results.
  Why was it delayed?
  • Absence of political consensus over the same.
  • Fear of misuse of excessive powers given as it could result in a prime danger to democracy of country.